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Your Invitation to Live Collar Free

Want to travel around the world by motorcycle? Wander the Americas living in an RV? Move to a foreign country? Sail around the world? Love your current life, but want more free time with your kids? Think you can’t? People do these things and more every day.

We’re taught to get a good job working 9 to 5 for 5 days a week. In return, we’ll get money to buy stuff, free weekends and a short annual vacation to rest from our busy work life.

Following this model, after 30-40 years of this, we are rewarded with retirement in our 60’s (now 70’s) so we can do what we really want with what’s left of our lives. So long as we’re careful not to spend all the money we saved up in our labor years.

Society defines us by what we do for a living.  White collar jobs. Blue collar jobs. Even green collar jobs. Who really wants to wear a collar? I don’t want to wear a shirt most days, let alone a collar.

There is nothing “wrong” with that norm, if you’re fulfilled by that lifestyle. I believe we should all live a life that is important to us. That deferred living concept just doesn’t work for me. I don’t want to spend 80% of my waking hours doing something I despise, only to hopefully later be able to enjoy life in retirement.

Life is far too short and the clock is ticking.

There Cannot be Only One

Fortunately, I am not the only one bothered by this concept. There are a multitude of ways people are out living their dreams or doing things they actually enjoy, instead of a 9 to 5 “regular job” or even a job at all.

They are out there living and working from wherever they want, for themselves, freelancing for various clients, or even having corporate jobs they work remotely.  They don’t define themselves by the color of their “collar”, but by many other names, such as Digital Nomads, Location Independent Professionals (LIP), Technomads and many others.

They are usually outside the mainstream or otherwise considered unconventional lifestyles. We’ll cover them for you. We’ll introduce you to them. We will bring you the stories, interviews and reviews of these unusual lifestyles, so you can find the life you want to live.

Lifestyle Design Your Way

We are not going to tell you how you must live your life. We can’t tell you what is important to you. There are many ways to create your own ideal lifestyle, and it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. You don’t need piles of cash to be successful or happy.

We will show you the ways, and there are many. There are no excuses. There are no limits. You don’t have to live like we’ve been told all these years. You can live however you want. So often people say they’ll do what they dream to do “someday” and they never take another step. That clock just keeps ticking.

Find your passion. Figure out what you want to do and DO IT.

Not “someday”. Not after decades of soul-sapping labor for a company you don’t even like, and that may not even still exist by then.



10 thoughts on “Your Invitation to Live Collar Free

  1. The blog has arrived! This is cool. Great intro post. I’ll be clicking the RSS subscription button shortly after I hit the submit button.

    In service of full disclosure, I was kinda hoping you had all the answers and were going to disclose the secrets and tell me how to live my life. Not like I have high expectations or anything.

    Congrats on getting the blog launched! Now get to writing… Tick-tock…

  2. Well said, James! Congrats on launching the blog. I like the sentiment you’ve expressed here (especially that time is short, tick-tock). I’m looking forward to reading more here. Best of luck!

  3. Hi James!

    Found your blog today, and very glad I did. Nice to know there’s plenty of us out there!

    Between you and Andrew Mac you’ve filled my friday afternoon!

    Look forward to your new posts,


  4. Woohoo!! So excellent to discover you now have a blog of your own. You have been so super supportive and interactive with our journey – I’m thrilled to be able to cyber-stalk you back now too 🙂

    – Cherie

  5. Ran across your site today at lunch, read this page with the wife. We are planning an early retirement for the end of next year and will put the house up for sale by February or March.

    When I got home this afternoon my wife had printed out some signs using a very large font and hung them up in several places. The signs contain one hyphenated word:


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