Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Outlet Store

Heavy Discounts at Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Outlet Location

There is a constant river of visitors flowing through the ancient city of Chiang Mai, Thailand looking for traditional Northern Thai Tribal clothing and accessories. I’ve written before about Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade after visiting their showroom for an event, but have since been several times, and referred several tourists and locals alike there for authentic Fair Trade items.

Whether it’s the never-ending stream of tourists exploring the city for the first time, the huge amount of expats living here long-term sprucing up their homes, or visiting friends looking for souvenirs to bring their friends and family back home when their trip of a lifetime is over, Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade is still the place I send them, and they are never disappointed.

Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Outlet

During a recent visit from an old friend from the U.S. looking for locally made gifts for family not found anywhere else, I finally went to the outlet store located near Thapae Gate on the eastern wall of the old city. I discovered that this location just inside the moat is a traditional outlet discount store, with savings of about 20-30% off their regular retail prices.

Thai Tribal Crafts Outlet Store

Being right in the heart of the most heavily traveled tourist area of the city, most tourists will happen upon it already. But I wanted to give a heads up to the big local community here in Chiang Mai, as well. Locals spend a good amount of money on local items, so I wanted you to be aware that this outlet has this heavily discounted stock.

The staff at Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Outlet tells me that the stock gets rotated pretty regularly, as they have a constant supply of newly designed items by designers around the world, who have their products made by these local village artisans in their traditional styles.

Thai Tribal Crafts Outlet Store

The quality and variety of the clothing and accessories are better than anything you will find at any of the local tourist markets, with everything made in the homes of local hill tribe villagers. Much of the stuff found in every other stall at a tourist market is only at a factory-made, low-quality trinket level standard.

With their decades-long work in helping the tribes of the numerous small villages in the Northern hills of Thailand to survive and thrive, they are allowing many families to stay and live in their traditional homes. So many have had to move to cities and go to work in factories instead of keeping their traditional Thai crafts alive.

So whether you are just passing through and looking for gifts for you and your family back home, or you’re now a local here in Chiang Mai looking to upgrade your wardrobe and decorate your Thai home in a traditional style, the Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Outlet store near Thapae Gate is a place to go!

Artisans craft the best hammocks for Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Outlet Store
Artisans craft the best hammocks for Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Outlet Store

Why Buy Fair Trade

Fair Trade supports local artisans and not for profit commercial businesses for the global import market, especially with fair trade importers. These artisans would otherwise be marginalized by larger factory interests.

Colorful hill tribe crafts hand made by local artisans
Colorful hill tribe crafts hand made by local artisans

All of these export quality purchases go back to the communities to directly create jobs and extra income for the producer’s families that support their children’s education, healthcare, and other benefits.

Thai Tribal Crafts has worked with local hill tribes since 1973 (more than 40 years now), and you can read more about their history here.

The outlet store is open Mon – Sat, 10.00 am – 7.00 pm, and is located at 25/9 Moonmuang Rd., Chiang Mai 50000. You can also call them at +66-53-273 858

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