Meeting with Niall Doherty in Chiang Mai in 2013

Jumpstart Your Freelance Career and Replace Your Job in 90 Days

Freelancing is one of the quickest ways to get up and running with online business. Whatever skills you have now, someone is out there who will hire you for those skills.

My courses are not being built to teach a specific business model like “iOS app Developer” or something I don’t know how to do. They are foundational stuff you’ll need no matter what field you’re in.

But there are styles of work and business that cover a broader base that still require even more in-depth education than I will have ready anytime soon in my courses.

Freelancing (selling your skills as a service) is a popular and quick way for nearly anyone. No matter what you know how to do for work already, chances are there is a market of clients or employers out there who need to hire you for those skills.

This is not some passive income dream of making money in your sleep by doing virtually nothing. This stuff takes work, like everything else. To me, it’s a much better kind of work than traditional employee desk and cubical drone stuff.

It may not be immediately scalable to a brazillion-dollar business while you trade your time as a hired designer or writer, but at least you’re working to build your own business instead of someone else’s.

3 Months to $1K Course by Niall Doherty

My friend Niall has had his course running for quite a while now (and it keeps growing). If you don’t know who he is for some reason, you really should check out his site.

His books are fun, his videos are entertaining, and he teaches a bunch of good stuff about life and work. His four and a half year trip around the world (without flying) made for some interesting experiences.

Check out the video Niall made about that to get a good idea of what he’s about (25 bonus points if you can spot me in the video from this past year! 😀 )

As I build out my courses, I told him I intended to send people his way who wanted more in-depth material about freelancing and all it entails. I’ve known about it since it came out, and have several friends who use it for their freelance businesses.

So he gave me access to check it out more thoroughly before so blindly recommending it just because he’s nearly as handsome and dashing as I am.

He’s already got a great course on getting up and running as a freelancer. From mindset and foundational stuff, to client prospecting, handling, billing and payments, and much more good stuff about how to be up and running as a working freelancer.

It’s not a bunch of shortcuts and loopholes or other such nonsense. A lot of it is boring stuff like being responsible and other crap that doesn’t sound real good in a sales pitch. But it’s reality. And Niall is not one to bullshit to make a buck.

The course is in several sections, and has extra things like ongoing coaching at the higher levels:

  • Lessons – 10 modules, 72 Individual Lessons. Video, text, cheatsheets, with bonuses, tips, and tracking sheets in some.
  • Job Leads Section – Find current jobs and listings for 12 specific freelance work types (writer, designer, etc), plus a general category.
  • Resources – Further lessons specific to 17 different styles of freelancing and a general section. If it’s not in one of the lessons, you can find it here.
  • Interviews – 19 as of now interviews with working freelancers doing everything from writing to translating, to watching Netflix for $1000 a month.
  • Facebook Group – The Facebook group is one of the more active ones I’ve seen. With fewer than 300 people in it right now helping work out kinks in each other’s freelance profiles, sharing jobs postings they all find, and other helpful stuff to keep each other booking more freelance jobs.

Give the video a look if you don’t know Niall.

Go check out the course and what the students in it have to say about it. You can go straight here to buy it and be up and running for less than a hundred bucks (you can make the money back with a single booked job within a week, if you’re willing to do the work…)

Join 3 Months to 1K

Or you can give the 5-day free mini-course a spin to see if you like the style of the material before spending a few bucks.

Either way, go check out Niall’s videos…they’re a lot of fun!

I put together this quick unscripted or edited video when I finished the lessons and digging through the 3M1K course while I still had it fresh in my brains.

Special Offer for LiveCollarFree Readers

If you do go buy the course using my links here, I’ll throw in free lifetime access to my first Digital Nomad Foundation Course.

Also, I’ll give a free coaching call via Skype or other talkie-call method to help you get started with any of this. ONLY for the first 20 people to grab Niall’s course before the price goes up in January.

Just send me an email to claim it once you buy his thing (at any level), and I’ll give you access to the first course in the membership area. You won’t get access to everything the founding members got when opened it up recently, but you won’t have to buy anything from me to get into the first one.

I’ll do this if you snatch it up with my link because I’m now an affiliate for the program. Niall offered that up because paying affiliates is probably less expensive than Facebook ads over time (I teach about affiliate marketing in my courses, and will post more about it here if you don’t know what it means…)

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