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Digital Nomad Life Skills: Systems

Friends and people I meet in Asia or on the internet are constantly asking me for the secret to traveling, living abroad, working from anywhere as a Digital Nomad, and otherwise living a seemingly fantastical life. If not daily, at least several times a week.

The short answer is that there is no secret formula that will immediately get you from point A to your ideal point B of success in whatever it is you dream of doing.

But there are a lot of basics that struggling people never learn and rarely realize are getting in the way of their own success in their dream areas of life.

I decided to make a video series about these life skills to point you in the right direction if you want to get started with this kind of life, before getting into the steps you can take to actually start down the road or hop on a plane to live on the other side of the world.


In today’s video, I detail some of the systems I use to get out of my own way in my daily life, so that I can focus on the important things. These are just a couple of simple examples I use that save me from the havoc I would otherwise create daily, as I see so many people do.

These simple processes take care of the brain juice I would otherwise be wasting trying to get through the day, instead of important things I could be working on.

Did you even realize you had systems of your own for removing simple decisions or problems in your life?

Take a look at things that you frustrate yourself on a regular basis, and see if you can figure out a system to make it go away.

Let me know in the comments what systems you use, and if you thought of any new ones to put into action in your life!

If you like the backpack you see in the video that I’ve lived out of for the past 3 years (and it still looks new), it is a GORUCK GR-2. I bought it back in 2012, and talk a bit about it on my updated packing list post.

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