Expert Copywriting Defines Your Business

Your Web Copy Makes Sales for You or Your Competition – Your Choice

You tossed up a boilerplate template with a couple of paragraphs talking about that “Best of…” award you won 6 years ago from the local free paper and found that didn’t really change things for your business.

No new sales. No new customers. What’s the hub-bub about putting up a website?

Too many small businesses make that same mistake.

You had a buddy build a free website to cut costs because a website is what you heard you are supposed to do, and got nothing but crickets.

Good personality-based sales copy on your website is the difference between having a single business card tacked up on a corkboard with 153 others over the urinals in the men’s room of a random dive bar, and buying a full-time professional robot salesman to pitch everyone on earth without breaks, benefits, or batteries.

Which marketing strategy will work better?

Every single day your customers are searching the web for that thing you sell. If you’re not already famous, those searches aren’t looking for you by name. They’re using their own language. Search engines have trouble even finding your site if your copywriting sucks.

It doesn’t matter how pretty the pictures are on your website if nobody knows it’s there.

Those potential customers that do happen to accidentally stumble onto your crappy site are immediately bored blind by your corporate jargony-jargon and smarmy sales speak in your sales copy, and they’ll click away before they ever figure out what it is you’ve got to sell.

You may have the best doohickey on the planet? It means nothing if you can’t explain it to a potential customer in words they understand.

Good copywriting your website into an easily found, compelling robot salesperson that convinces your potential customers that YOU have all the answers they need.

I work with select clients in Photography, Travel, Web Design, Coaching, Fitness, Online Entrepreneurs, and other small business owners like you who use  my personality-based sales copy to get their message to their right people.

  • Your website gets found by more customers who are already out there looking for you!
  • With sales copy in their language, customers find you instead of you chasing them down.
  • Compelling sales copy is a chance to sit down and have an intimate “getting to know you” session with a potential customer over a pizza. Their questions get answered. Their fears get put to rest. They get to know and trust your brand.
  • Sales go up without any extra work on your end. Put up a well-written sales page, tighten up the copy on the rest of your site, and you’ve got that extra staff now working for you.

Why I’m What You’re Looking For

  • I just write – I spend my life traveling and enjoying life because I’m very good at this. I don’t do other things for you. I don’t design you a pretty website or make beautiful logos (but I work with talented designers who enjoy shaming me and my stick-figure masterpieces).
  • No Boilerplate Copy – You get custom copy written just for you. I’ll ask you extremely detailed questions about your business that you perhaps hadn’t even considered yourself. Clients often say the information gathering phase of our work alone was worth the money in just eye-opening value about their own business.
  • Social Media is Sales Copy  – Your Website is only one tool to get your business seen and heard. I’ll help you get up and running on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms where your people are looking for you.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns – You are building an email list for your business, aren’t you? Email campaigns are one of the best ways to keep in touch with your prospects and past customers. If they have trusted you with their email, they are looking for more solutions from you. A well-written email marketing campaign multiplies your income from your business with this powerful platform.

Here’s what million-dollar Author and Copywriter Ashley Ambirge has to say about me and what I can do for you:

Ash-Ambirge“James Schipper is someone I feel extremely privileged to know as a colleague and professional – he’s one of the first people that led me through the wacky world of the internet when I first started, and I still consider him an important resource and authority on anything new media. James has a great way of being professional while still down to earth, and his writing manages to convey the same feeling. I tell you what – if I need a go-to guy…I won’t hesitate to turn to him. I know he’ll help uplevel any project I needed his help with – that’s a guarantee.”

Figure out how many new sales or customers you need to make while you sleep to pay for it, and you’ll quickly see why professional sales copy is a no-brainer.

If your website isn’t producing the results that you need (and making sales in your sleep), then you need to fix this broken part of your marketing plan with professional sales copy.

Basic Package: One Tight Site

You’re a professional now. If you need this to work, you know you need to tighten up your copy, even if you’re tight on funds. What you get:

  • Homepage copy that makes you tingle.
  • About Page and Company Bio that shows people you know your stuff, are the expert they’re looking for, have the droids they’re looking for, and the solution to all their problems. You do know that more people click your About page than any other page on your site, right? If they get bored and click away here, they’ll never even get to what you’re selling.
  • Memorable Tagline for your business that sticks in your customer’s earbrains. That’s a thing. It’s science.*
  • Short format Bio for other platforms like Twitter and other areas you need branding in small spaces.
  • Included consult on further improvements to get you converting more customers.

All completed within one week, with revisions and email help for another week after completion for only $497.

*- May not be actual science.

Advanced Package: Serious Business

You’ve been doing this a while or not willing to fumble along from the start. You need a bit more than the basics, and you can’t play around.

You have a product or service you need to sell, and the current page isn’t cutting it. If you aren’t doing a massive product launch, but you do need to put up a serious web presence, this is a better option for you.

  • Everything  Above – but we’ll go even deeper into targeting your exactly ideal customer so you can make the site work for you. Homepage copy, About Page, Tagline, & Short form Bio Copy.
  • Services List Page – Not a long-form sales page, but we’ll cover what you have to offer and turn tire-kickers into buyers.
  • Two Pages of Copy of Your Choice – FAQ, Start Here, Contact pages, Autoresponder emails. If you need help deciding which way to go, we can figure out the best combination of pages out of any of the above, or something completely new!
  • Included consult on further improvements to get you converting more customers.

All completed within one week, with revisions and email help for another week after completion for only $997.

Long-Form Sales Pages

You’re launching a new product, program, service package, book, course or otherwise need to make a big deal.

You need people to buy your thing and will have a lot of information to cover.

You’ve put weeks and months of work into this, and you need it to succeed.

You need people to buy your product, reserve their spot, or otherwise click that button.

A long-form sales page is the way to get the information out there and convince people that you have their answer. Starting at $1297 for up to 5000 words

Customized Projects

Most of my clients don’t fit neatly into the above packages. If you’re doing massive launches, email auto-responder campaigns, content creation, blogging or have other copy projects that can’t squeeze into the packages above, just ask me for a quote and we’ll go from there. Those are always free, and I’ll either be able to help you myself or I’ll refer you to someone who can.

How It Works

I only handle 4 clients a month for larger jobs or one at a time. Since I only handle these larger jobs one at a time to do my best work for you, check on my availability. Give yourself time to do the preparation, and you’ll get the best work from the both of us.

Use the Contact Form below, or send an email to [email protected] to tell me what you need.

When you hit the Go Button, I’ll get in touch to chat with you within a day. We’ll talk on the phone, over Skype, and over email. Whatever is easiest. We’ll go over what specifically you need, and whether we are the perfect fit for each other.

If it sounds like we’re good together and you decide to hire me, I’ll send over a proposal and contract based on what you specifically need. Once we agree on the scope and terms of the job and signed the contract, I’ll send you the link to the detailed questionnaire to get the job started!

You get to tell me everything you never knew you needed to know about your business. Other than answering questions about your business and customers, I’ll do the rest!


Quickly sign up to re-vamp the most important page on your site with my About Page Copy Sale. These fill up fast at this price, so grab it while it’s live!