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Your About Page Copy is the Most Critical Part of Your Website

About Page Copy is even more critical than the page with the buy button.

If not enough people are clicking that buy button, it’s because you didn’t cover the important stuff first. The words you share with these prospects on your About page will either persuade them to continue to that buy button, or they will click away.

Go into your site stats and see which page gets the most traffic, by far.

In nearly every case, when a potential client or customer arrives on your website, whether through dumb luck or your own well-thought out marketing plan, the first place they look is your About Page.

If you’re trying to sell a product or service and get your people to part with their hard-earned cash, they are going to want to know more about you.

Who is this person or company?
Why should I trust this brand with my credit card?
Why should I hire them for this service I need?
The site looks legit, but anyone can throw up a nice-looking website these days.

Yes, it is critical to have fantastic, compelling sales pages for your product or service. But with a brand this new potential customer has never heard of, they’ll be hesitant to trust this random website they happened to stumble upon.

Sure, it helps to show social proof if you have lots of followers and subscribers. Maybe even a ton of brand logos for all the places that you’ve been “as seen on tv” to show you are a legit business. But chances are you don’t yet have a lot of those things, especially when you’re just getting your project off the ground to feed your family.

You have to get a bit more personal. You have to not only sell your product or service: you have to sell YOU.

About Page Copy is Sales Page Copy

About pages are essentially mini-sales pages to show you are the real deal. That this new visitor to your site can feel they trust that YOU are the right solution to the problem they now have.

The rest of your site and marketing materials like email lists and social media should have a consistent voice that shows the potential customer that you are for real. That you can deliver. That you can be trusted.

You don’t spend your money with people you don’t trust. Neither does anyone else.

Prospects may not see your Facebook Page, but they will always see the About Page copy.

You want About Page copy that moves the fence-sitters to your side. To convince them that you know your stuff, and can absolutely solve their problem.

I want to help you to ensure you aren’t turning people away with your sales copy. So I am running this About Page Copy Sale for a limited time.

I usually work on larger overall website and marketing campaign projects, but this is an area that is very under-served. I’ll create a plan based on the information you’ll give me, and turn your About Page copy into a sales-generating tool.

If you aren’t ready to hire me to completely re-write your entire website or create it from nothing. let’s make sure this most important page on your website is capturing sales for you instead of driving people away.

What You’ll Get

  • Skype or phone consult – we’ll get a sense of what you need.
  • My customer questionnaire – you’ll fill out to think deeper about your ideal customers. I’ll know you like your customers should.
  • First draft – you’ll see your About Page Copy within 48 hours for review and feedback.
  • Changes and Edits – until we agree on a page you’re thrilled with.
  • Prospects, Sales & Customers – More of them!

I only run this About Page copy sale when I have the time to get a small number of these done in less than a week. So this sale only lasts a short time for a few clients.

I normally charge nearly double for About Page Copy alone, but since I hate seeing small businesses struggle and flail, I want this to get to as many people as possible. So at nearly half off my usual price, you’ll get all this for only $97!

Hit the PayPal button while it’s live to fix this broken link in your sales chain now!


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