Chiang Mai Cherry Blossoms in Thailand on

Chiang Mai Cherry Blossoms are Blooming Now

The Chiang Mai cherry blossoms are blossoming now just outside Chiang Mai.

This site gets a lot of traffic from people searching for it this time of year. They only bloom for about a week or two, and it is always “sometime” in December or January.

A friend at Citylife Chiang Mai posted that they are blooming, and there was a Hmong New Year’s celebration, but it was Dec 20-21. So by the time you see this, that part will be over. The sakura flowers should last another week or so, if you’re in or near Chiang Mai, Thailand for the holidays.

You can read more info on my past post on the Chiang Mai cherry blossoms here if you’re looking for directions or more information.

2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Cherry Blossoms are Blooming Now

    1. I doubt they will still be there. I don’t think they are even there now. It only lasts two weeks max. It’s one of the reasons it’s so tough to plan around it unless you live here :-/

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