Slow-travel to explore Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. Photos and stories from adventures. People, photos, places, perceptions.


Location Independent incomes of people living outside the norm. Some travel out of a backpack. Some live in an RV, a boat, a van. All while working from wherever. With so many different ways to choose your own lifestyle, there is no reason to feel stuck. Work wherever you open your laptop, and your location becomes irrelevant.


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Adventures in Travel and Business

Let me show you the world as I explore Southeast Asia. I show you the places you must see, the people you should meet, and the tools you use to do it. You'll see how digital nomads around the world are living the lifestyle you dream of while maintaining their online businesses.

And lots of pretty pictures.

Stories and News

Latest interviews, adventures and tutorials from the blog

What you REALLY do for a living

You Don’t Know What You Do for a Living

Freelancers and business owners struggle daily with work and earning a living. Whether they are worried about not enough customers…
Traditional Hill Tribe Weaving Class at Thai Tribal Craft Fair Trade in Chiang Mai Thailand

Go Beyond a Tour with Traditional Hill Tribe Weaving Classes

Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade invites you to learn the traditional back-strap weaving techniques of the Hill Tribes of Northern…
Life Skills Systems video on

Digital Nomad Life Skills: Systems

Friends and people I meet in Asia or on the internet are constantly asking me for the secret to traveling,…

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