Getting your mind right is key in every area of life. Without the proper mindset, your dreams are doomed to fail, regardless of your skills and knowledge.

To succeed at anything, you can't sabotage yourself or follow beliefs that prevent you from growth or otherwise undermine your life.

 The average person leading an average life with average results skips this critical foundation.

Don't be average.

Getting out of your own way is the base on which you'll build a successful business, a life of travel, and live a truly Collar-free life.


Learn how thousands of others just like you earn a living from anywhere.

With little more than a laptop, Location Independent Remote Workers, Freelancers, and Business Owners work wherever they have WiFi

 With so many different ways to choose your own lifestyle, there is no reason to feel stuck. Work wherever you like and you can truly make your location irrelevant.


Learn how I slow travel around the world for less than you spend at home. 

 You don't have to do what I do though. You'll meet others here living in more ways than even I can track. And I've been doing this for a decade!

Explore exotic cultures living and working out of a backpack. Live in an RV or van exploring the countryside. Float away on a sailboat in the tropics.

There are thousands of ways to live a life beyond the typical 'norm' we're taught growing up. Regular people like you are out there living these faraway dreams every day.

Build a Business - Travel The World - Build Life the Way YOU Want 

The Digital Nomad community around the world is booming. People from all walks of life and countries using the power of modern technology and the internet to run remote businesses from all those hammocks and beaches.

After a decade of immersion in this world, I've seen nearly as many failed Digital Nomads as successful ones...

Learn here how to prepare yourself for the many pitfalls that await you as you try to build your life outside the traditional model (not taking your laptop to the beach like in the pictures avoids an easy set of problems, but we'll go deeper).

Save countless months spent fumbling around trying to do things on your own (like I did for years), and avoid common problems quitting your day job and going remote without a plan.

Find places to go, people already doing what you want to do, and discover the resources and tools they use to do it. You'll see how successful digital nomads around the world are living the lifestyle of your dreams while making a very good living with various online businesses.

And lots of pretty pictures...

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